Korean Burritos

All on a toasted tortilla with kimchi fried rice, cheese, sesame slaw, spring onion relish, sourcream + extra kimchi

Slow braised “bulgogi” brisket/ox cheek
Gochujang & soy pulled pork shoulder
Grilled aubergine & ssamjang sautéed kale

Korean Tacos

(Sample menu)
Tortillas are pressed to order & topped with

Korean “Al pastor” pork, butter fried kimchi, nashi pear relish & guacamole
Gochujang chicken thigh, sesame-peanut winter greens, smacked cucumber
Grilled bulgogi hanger steak, radish kimchi & sesame slaw

We serve Korean burritos at all our lunch street markets, and occasionally tacos for night markets and private events 

All meat is from free range, native British breeds. Supplying it are the brilliant Downland Produce in Wiltshire, and the Rare Breed Meat co. in Essex

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